Monday, September 6, 2010

My Most Embarrassing Musical Moment

Well, this is definitely ONE of them anyway... This happened when I was DJing my very first time at a Country Night in Salt Lake City at Trolley Square. To say I was nervous is the biggest understatement of all-time. It's like saying Obama is a terrible president. You feel me? Anyway, somehow I managed to be making it through the dance and feeling okay about my efforts. Until the point in the night where I had one song going and all 500 kids dancing while I was listening to another song I had cued up the headphones. I started to listen to this next song so much that I was bobbing and lip syncing to it for about a minute or so. And that is when I realized that everyone had stopped dancing and was staring at me. And that is because the song that was playing through the speakers was skipping, and I was rocking out and completely oblivious. Finally, someone came up and pulled the headphones off my head and told me. Yes, it's a modern-day miracle I ever had the courage to DJ another dance the rest of my life :)

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