Monday, April 13, 2009

Were we alone in our principles?

As I have been talking to friends and family, it has come to my attention that most people don't hide the Easter basket they give to their children (and consequently make them find it somewhere in the house). I have to say that as kids we always had to hunt for our basket. I was certain everyone did this, but maybe not! In fact, I distinctly remember Brian having to hunt for his Easter basket the Easter before he left on his mission, all the while me, Jacob, Misty, Dave, Chris and Molly were mocking him and how old he was, as he moved from room to room 'hunting' it down. Ahhh, having older siblings is so awesome :) So I must take this moment to say, Props to you, Mom! for making Easter all the more fun for us!

Anyway, we did our basket hunt back on Thursday before Easter. Luke was excited about the candy and especially the Scooby-doo fruit snacks. The peeps: not so much. Sorry to Great Grandpa Bingham :) And of course Luke turned out his trademark chocolate drool in a matter of minutes... Cindy LOVED her My Little Pony- complete with rabbit ears- they are getting so clever with all the Easter stuff you can buy nowadays.

I also have really cute video of them finding their baskets and was going to publish it here for you to see, but my Windows Movie Maker program is malfunctioning at the moment and putting horrible green flashing throughout the video. D'oh! I'll have to have my chief engineer get on that one ASAP.

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