Saturday, April 25, 2009

See what happens when you start reading those Twilight books!?

Yeah, I am on Breaking Dawn now about halfway through. Anyway, time has been in an absolute trance all week and wham! Before I had time to realize, it has been about 4 days since my last blog entry. Blasphemy! I think these books actually turn you into a Vampire when you read them because you hardly sleep or eat until you finish them....

But I did pull it together long enough for Luke's Birthday on Thursday. He is TWO! Holy cow, such a big boy already! This is about the age that I just start to LOVE watching them learn to talk and grow. So much fun. Cindy had an Elmo cake when she was two also.

So Luke, when you look back and read this blog one day, here is how you spent your time on the day you turned two:

I made you pancakes in the shape of a two. You were still adjusting to the light of day and did not want any photos of you at this point...

Then we went to visit Rosa and give her some hay.

Watched a little Elmo....(which happened to be about Dinosaurs AND Sesame Street was brought to you by the Number 2 that morning. How appropriate!)

Ate some macaroni and cheese...

Had popsicles with your "girlfriends" :)

Finally that night, it was time to open some gifts.

Dad, I mean, you got some sweet Star Trek toys from the new movie! Whoo-hoo!

The sock monkey was a big hit :)

And we decided that just having two sets of Grandparents at the party was not enough, so we had GREAT Grandparents there too! Great Grandma Nadine and Great Grandpa Rufus came and we were so happy they got to celebrate with us :)

The color of the frosting was originally pink (couldn't quite get enough red food coloring in the white frosting to make it truly red.) I knew I was in trouble when after I frosted it the first time Cindy said, "Oh, this cake is SOOO beautiful!!!" So I got out my red frosting spray and took care of any remaining feminimity right then and there. I hope you appreciate my efforts.

We used the last two trick candles I had left. You got to blow out these candles a few times.

You love yourself some cake and ice cream.

And I do follow cake directions like nobody's business, so it was mighty tasty.

Then it was back to business.... You are totally excited about your first Big Wheel!!!

Dad was thrilled you got your own soccer goal and ball...the legacy continues!!

Here you are in your new Superman pajamas (complete with cape!), standing on your new train table holding your Star Trek communicator. Awesome.

And what would be a Birthday without some new threads. Stylin'!

I look really weird in this picture, must be the angle because Cindy took it. My smile was turning to a grimace and why am I looking up? Ahhh, but here is pictoral proof I was there. Anyhow, you had a great day and every boy should be so lucky to be surrounded by family when he turns 2 years old :)

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