Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Experiences Numbers 6 & 7

So I crossed off two more experiences this past weekend. So without further ado, here they are:

Experience #6: Hear the Star Wars Theme Song Performed Live

A couple weeks ago Jacob sent me a link from school about how the Tampa Orchestra was doing a concert comprised of songs all composed by John Williams. The concert was that night and sold out, but he just sent me the link and said it would have been cool to have seen it. Awh, shucks! So I did some Googling and voila! I found that the same show was being done by the Orlando Philharmonic this past weekend. Cha-ching! So we splurged on the cheap seats ($13/each got us the upper center balcony) and had a great time! Not only did we get to hear the theme from Star Wars (which was completey awesome, truly a thrilling moment), we also got the themes from Superman, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, and Harry Potter as well as the theme from NBC Nightly News, the Olympic fanfare, and a sweet arrangement he did of the songs of Fiddler on the Roof. Totally awesome! There is nothing like hearing live music, especially when it is so familiar. It was truly amazing to watch the conductor command all those instruments, sounds and voices to make gorgeous music. I know, my picture is horrible, but considering I was not even supposed to have taken a picture, it isn't too bad. Jacob and I were the youngest people in our section by about 20 years, easily, but we felt terribly cultured, and proud of it! I highly recommend the symphony when it comes to movie music. You just can't go wrong with John Williams.

Experience #7- Eat at a true "Waffle House"

IHOP, Denny's, Village Inn, yeah, I have been to all of those. But I had never eaten in one of those hideous yellow and black true "Waffle House" restaurants and I just have to be able to say I have had the experience. So on the way home from the symphony, we stopped in Davenport at the Hwy. 27 exit to sample the Waffle House fare. Now, I was not expecting anything amazing or mind-blowing, and rightly so. We were actually the only ones in the whole place, I almost doubted the truthfulness of their claim of "open 24 hours" when we pulled into the parking lot. But they were open and we had quite a breakfast spread. Yes, I did eat waffles :) with chocolate chips even! Also some omelette, toast, hashbrowns, sausage- all my favorite things. Our server, Miracle (as in, it's a miracle this place needs more than one employee) was pretty good and we walked out with two take out boxes and very full bellies. Ultimately, I think the Waffle House is a little overpriced. I think I will stick with Denny's in the future. But they do serve a 5 pork chop dinner (??) there AND they have the counter seating you only see in the movies- so when it comes to nostalgia, they got it. Until next time, blog readers!

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Amy said...

Wish I was there. I haven't had sugar in two weeks, and I'm DYIN' for syrup!