Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cindy Takes the Plunge

Well, Cindy is official now! She got baptized and confirmed on Friday night by her dad. It was a wonderful night and I really appreciate everyone that came (and especially everyone that helped me!). Even Cindy's little friend from next door came and that absolutely made Cindy's night :) Here are the few pics I managed to take:

*One highlight of the night I want to mention was Luke falling asleep during the video presentation and then snoring like a chainsaw during the closing prayer. (In his defense he did wake me up at 4:18 that morning telling me about the bad dream he had, so it was pretty much inevitable he would crash at some point...)

If Cindy ever went on trial being accused of being the luckiest girl in the world, this photo would be Exhibit A and the only piece of evidence needed to convict her.

After the baptism Cindy did get to have her friend Maddie over a for a night swim at Grandma Sweeney's. (We actually just wanted to keep Karl and DeAnne up real late so they would be totally wasted for their flight to Utah very early the next morning. That's what grandkids are for, right?)

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Mags said...

Woot! Jacob is smiling. Way to go Cindy! Making a good choice and making her daddy smile are amazing things. ;-)