Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pop (Cruise) Quiz!

In order to try and not make showing you my vacation pictures totally excruciating (too late), I have put them together in a lovely quiz format for you to enjoy. So sharpen your number two pencils and don't forget to blacken the oval completely on your answer sheets, because here it comes, ready or not!

As we were leaving Port Canaveral, I was:

a. reveling at how glamorous I am
b. flaunting my amazing hair
c. having Jacob think it was hysterical to take pictures of me when I was completely not ready

This chair underneath muster station number 8 is where:

a. I sat for three hours trying not to throw up from being seasick on Friday night
b. I met my drunk Indian boyfriend
c. both a and b

My choice for breakfast the next day shows:

a. Just how much I love cereal
b. That I had happily recovered from my seasickness and was feeling hungry
c. I am a logical human being with reasonable limits

Jacob's choice of breakfast food the next day proves:

(yes, miso soup with seaweed)

a. he accidentally went to breakfast in the Japanese restaurant
b. he apparently had not eaten in 3 weeks and would therefore eat anything
c. he's mentally unstable

As we came in to the port in Nassau I was thinking:

a. I'm living in the wrong place
b. The water is SO BLUE!!
c. I wonder if anyone would notice if I accidentally missed the boat and never came home...

Jacob was thinking....

a. Wow, Nassau is pretty cool looking
b. I can't believe I'm not in America anymore!
c. How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over that island...

These signs on the Nassau #10 jitney/bus:

a. show that Bahamians have a good sense of humor
b. show that Bahamians have some very bad habits
c. inspired Jacob to make new signs for his classroom

I saw this shop:

a. In Geneva
b. In Zurich
c. In downtown Nassau.....which makes perfect sense

I chose to visit this zoo while in Nassau because:

a. It was highly rated on
b. I wanted to feed apple slices to parrots right out of my hand
c. Jacob and I wanted to walk through a neighborhood down a long street in a foreign country and feel like we could be mugged at any moment because there was not a soul around for miles

Jacob took this picture:

a. to show that I am good with birds
b. to prove that I wear that green shirt all the time
c. as an excuse for me to show off my guns

Jacob finally got a parrot to land on him by:

a. holding the apple up in the air instead of flat on his hand
b. threatening the bird's family
c. using The Force

On a scale of one to ten expressing enjoyment, Jacob looks like he was where on the scale when taking this picture?

a. 2
b. 1
c. a number so low mathematicians have not yet calculated it

The best part about standing in the ocean was:

a. I was on foreign sand for the first time in my life
b. the water was cool and refreshing
c. It put a good 50 yards between us and most of the crazy weirdos on the beach

In this picture Jacob is eating:

a. a bowl of exotic melted cheeses
b. a Marie Callendar's mini pot pie
c. Escargot drenched in butter and garlic sauce (yes, I had some too - not bad!)

I got to steer the ship for the captain because:

a. he was busy judging the belly flop contest at the pool
b. he knows I watch a lot of SpongeBob Squarepants and am totally qualified
c. he left the wheel unattended and so what was I supposed to do, hmm?

The view of the inside of the ship looking down from deck 9 shows:

a. they really love stairs
b. they really love brass
c. they really love any opportunity to make more money off you

This towel animal that was carefully crafted and then left hanging from our ceiling in our room from housekeeping had which effect on me:

a. made me smile
b. made me laugh
c. scared the crap out of me when I went down to the room by myself and Jacob did not warn me ahead of time

I am showing you this picture of our room solely for the purpose of:

a. showing you how neat and tidy Jacob and I are when we travel
b. educating you on what a handicap accessible room looks like on a cruise ship
c. making Kelly and Brian crazy jealous because our room had a COUCH!!!

OK, just one more of our bathroom for Bri and Kell :)


Jacob wanted to make it to the top of the rock wall:

a. to get a great view of the ocean
b. to see how Obama feels (you know, always looking down at people)
c. to ring the bell to show he got great service at Long John Silver's

After taking this cruise with Jacob I realize:

a. I love Jacob and he is a good sport
b. I definitely want to take another cruise
c. P90X Round 2 Starts Monday :)

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Mags said...

So reading that I found out that Jacob and Zeke have something in common. Zeke would drink Miso for breakfast. Then again, he's Asian and Jacob isn't, lol. I was also curious, did they give you the sun glasses they put on that towel monkey or did Jacob help make him more startling?