Thursday, March 29, 2012

You waited for this?

As you may know the supreme court is now reviewing the components and constitutionality of Obamacare. I read and interesting article the other day about all the surprising things they found in the written law. So as a public service, I just want to educate you...


10. Obama's chief medical advisers were Drs. Pepper, Scholl and Seuss
9. All physicals would be required to be done in groups of 4
8. Only treatment allowed for strep throat is Popsicles
7. The 35 stanza rap by Pitbull on page 1255
6. Strangely, it doesn't correctly classify Liberalism as a horrific disease
5. Hospital coverage doubles when patient is wearing a hoodie
4. Little-known provision to raise an extra 13 billion dollars by charging a penny for every time someone says "this sucks"
3. All anesthesia would be replaced with DVDs of speeches by Joe Biden
2. KFC required to release their secret recipe
1. Everything in it

Good times :) Thanks Dad and Dave!

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