Thursday, March 22, 2012

Permission Slap

If I ever start talking nonsense this fall about how my favorite time of year in Florida is Novemberish, I give you permission to slap my face and tell me to quit lying. Because really and truly I think my favorite time of year in Florida is actually March. Maybe this year was the perfect storm because of the insanely mild winter and the earliness of Daylight Savings, but I just can't hardly stand how gorgeous it is here right now. The mornings are pleasant, the evenings are cool and last forever, the breeze is constant - and my banana palm just made bananas! It's like some sort of magical Shangri-la. Or maybe it's just that I workout constantly in this weather and therefore I appreciate it's exercise-friendly nature. Whatever the reason, it will probably end any second now and give way to the most disgusting weather imaginable, but for now, I am making a mental note: I love March. The End. Or maybe I need to move to Hawaii. The End.

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