Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Juggle THIS!

I am working on the top ten list, slowly but surely. (I am babysitting again this week for a friend, so I am not at my computer as much as normal. "As much as normal" meaning 6 hours a day. In a row.) But while I finish that list off, I remembered something I wanted to share. While on our cruise we went to a show featuring the juggling champion of the world. It was pretty funny, the guy was obviously an amazing juggler, but during the course of the show, he gave us some background on juggling competitions and told us that he, himself was the founder of the World Juggling Federation. And he also told us that it was he who was responsible for getting WJF competitions televised live on ESPN. He showed us some YouTube videos to prove it, but he also showed us one of a new 'sport' he created, which is essentially a cross between juggling and tennis or football or something??? I think the entire audience on the cruise was confused and trying to decide if this video was a spoof that was part of his act or if it actually was a real event that is put on ESPN. Well, here is the proof: it is real. And awesome.