Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Way Things Work Around Here

Cindy lost another tooth yesterday. You would think that since I told her on her last lost tooth that the tooth fairy is not real that I would be off the hook from now on. Not a chance. This is how things played out this time...

Last night at bedtime:

Cindy: Okay, mom, I am putting my tooth right here under the corner of the pillow. I am not taking it out of the tooth container I got at school.
Mom: You want me to take the tooth out of the container and leave the container there?
Cindy: Yeah, I will use it for my next tooth that comes out.
Mom: And just what kind of money are you expecting, dear?
Cindy: Well, I have to take a dollar to school tomorrow...
Mom: What for?
Cindy: For those Cupid Grams that they are selling. The ones that secretly come from the parents, remember??
Mom: Oh yeah.
Cindy: So just give me the dollar and I will use that to get the secret Valentine from you.
Mom: This is so weird.

Later that night I completely forget about the tooth (like always) and go to bed.

Even later this morning I go in Cindy's room and take four quarters out of the monkey head change purse on her night stand. I put those under the pillow and take the tooth.

Cindy wakes up and takes her own four quarters to school to pay for the secret Cupid Gram Valentine that is from me that she will receive on Tuesday during class.

Sweeneyville. What a country!

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