Friday, February 3, 2012

The Adventures of Cindy and Luke

Well, we are slogging our way through Cindy's soccer season. (April cannot get here fast enough...) However, the secret is out; Cindy is not interested in soccer. At least not for now. I think she likes the girls on her team, likes the camaraderie and practices, but she just doesn't love the game. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him want to be a true center mid. Therefore she finally gets to try something else! A few weeks ago I decided grant the fondest dream of her little heart and let her attend an upcoming McKeel Cheerleading camp. I figured she deserved a break from soccer overload and I truly and desperately want to see her do something dancy/girly. I am just so curious to know if something like this is more to her liking?? Anyway, the camp is tomorrow morning and if Cindy doesn't kick me out of the camp I will give you a full report of everything I see. I'm probably more excited about this than she is :)

And last night in the car on the way home from soccer (no way!) we caught a few minutes of a radio call-in show where a girl was sad because she got dumped. After I changed it Cindy asked me, "What if you like someone and they don't like you back? What happens then?" I just kinda laughed and said, "Nothing, really." And then Luke's tiny voice from the back seat said, "Yeah, that was like at Legoland when I saw this girl and I was about to fall in love with her but she wasn't honest because she wasn't wearing a good shirt that was covering her." It was like EF Hutton had spoken. Cindy and I were totally silent making the "What the heck?" face at each other. And then we couldn't stop laughing. Luke? Falling in love with a girl at Legoland? That boy is so mysterious sometimes! Just the way the ladies like it...

And Cindy would like everyone to know she found a gigantic piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in her cereal bowl.

As an official cereal historian and decoder, I can tell you that this omen can only mean one thing: Cindy's year will be long and prosperous. She will make good grades, continue holding her title as the undefeated Uno Grand Champion, and will once again choose a Star Wars-related costume for Halloween. Oh, and the vibes are very strong that everything she owns is currently in a giant wadded up ball under her bed.


Mags said...

HAHA! What Luke said made me laugh. Good luck with the cheerleading camp stuff. I guess this is where knowing you via your brothers and your ex comes into play(If you would have come to Cypress Branch back in the day, this wouldn't be a problem... ;-). I would never have guessed you to be excited about cheerleading. It will be interesting to read about her experience.

Tara Lynn said...

YES! Luck seriously cracks me up. I sure wish we got to visit these kiddos more often! So excited for Cindy's cheer camp! I have a deep love for both tumbling and dance, but was just never into the cheer thing... Just saying she can do whatever she wants ;)