Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Buffoonery

Today my little brother turns 24. That is so YOUNG. I never thought I would see it that way, but I, being an old, old lady, can only view it as such. It is a long-established fact that I, myself share a birthday with Justin Timberlake. (Don't lie, my cool factor just rose about 6% didn't it?) Well, it got me wondering about who everyone in my family shares a birthday with.

Me- Justin Timberlake, Minnie Driver, Carol Channing
Jacob- Steffi Graf, Boy George, Donald Trump
Cindy- Celine Dion, MC Hammer, Eric Clapton, Vincent Van Goh
Luke- Roy Orbison, Shirley Temple, William Shakespeare

Jacob definitely loses that competition. Cindy should be some kind of artistic phenom by now, what gives?

We also have...

My Mom- P. Diddy, Mathew McConaughey, Laura Bush, Will Rogers
My Dad- Sally Struthers, Beatrix Potter, Jackie O
Brother Chris- Michael Jackson, Robin Leach
Brother Dave- Nick Jonas, Marc Anthony, David Copperfield, Ed Begley Jr. and JC Penney

(I would like to make a prediction that when my mom read her list she made an audible "ewww" sound when she read P. Diddy)

And on this special day...

Brian- George Washington, Drew Barrymore, Jeri Ryan (7 of 9!!!) and The Crocodile Hunter

I think Brian wins. I mean, 7 of 9?!?!?! Lucky!! It is fun to think of these little groups as the cast of some bizarre reality show, isn't it? Perhaps this is the secret to putting together Celebrity Apprentice.

So who is your birthday buddy? Go ahead, use Google for something completely useless today! Oh wait, that's what I do everyday...

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Linnley Marie said...

I was born the same day as a lot of Olympic and professional athletes, Phil Collins, AND Walt Disney himself. How cool!>!