Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mmmmm...Virtual Chocolate

You might not believe it, but there's actually a lot of legwork that goes into picking out what the best flavored fillings will be for those chocolates in the heart-shaped boxes. I got a hold of an internal memo from the R&D folks at Russell Stover and I thought I might share some of the ideas that didn't quite make it off the ground...


11. Fry sauce
10. Dark charcoal
9. WD-40 with a hint of lime
8. Mint spackle
7. Shrimp nougat
6. Dulce de leech
5. Silly putty
4. Deviled egg
3. Castrol GTX (high mileage)
2. Folger's Crystals
1. Sap

Thanks to my brother Dave and my dad for their help. I sent my dad a text to say, "I finished the list, but how do I insult Obama?" The answer came back: "Tell him he has big ears??" Winner, winner, chicken dinner :)

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