Monday, February 6, 2012

My 2 Cents

Does anyone else agree with me that last night the stars aligned and the actual Super Bowl game was infinity times better than any commercial that was on? Personally, I thought that all the commercials were total duds. I don't think I laughed at a single one. Such a disappointment! But then again, I like the more witty and clever commercials and this year's crop seemed too dumbed down for me. Good thing the game itself came down to a hail Mary pass for all the marbles in the last 4 seconds of the game. I don't even like New York or New England, but that was a finish!

*Wait, technically there was actually one part of one commercial that I did enjoy and that was the Twinkie reference in the Chevy apocolypse commercial. As you were...

And In case you were wondering, Cindy's cheer camp went good. They kicked all the parents out until after lunch when they would show us what they learned. So as she was walking in to do her "performance" she looked very uncomfortable and nervous. BUT she did do her dance and cheer when it came time and and said she had fun. I did not get the overwhelming sense from her that she found her new calling in life, but at least I see that she did try and wanted to learn. This is a good start. However, the best part was that by some mix-up they had her registered as me. So at the end of the camp she got a certificate saying "Jessica Sweeney is an official Jr. Wildcat Cheerleader!" She was not amused.

A Luke Quickie

Last night we did our Family Home Evening about germs and washing our hands so we won't get sick. It was kind of a 'Teachings for our Times' lesson, you might say. Jacob was asking the kids to name all the places in the house that we touch the most. They came up with the obvious doorknobs, computer keyboard, video controllers, etc. but there was one more that Jacob wanted them to guess and that was the iPod. So he did a little charades for them by cupping one hand and then using his other pointer finger to pretend like he was holding and playing on the iPod. The kids had no clue. So he continued his hand motions and said, "Something that we like to touch all the time???" After what seemed like several minutes of total confusion, Luke finally guessed "Baby kitties?" Excellent guess, young Lucius.

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Linnley Marie said...

ha ha ha!!! That's awesome. Luke is so clever :)