Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Artist

Did I mention I was babysitting my friend's children for the entire week? Yeah, that Top Ten might be delayed a few days :) But while we're waiting...

Apparently there is a book at Luke's preschool that teaches how to draw simple animals and figures using basic shapes. I have never seen this book, but I know it exists because Luke tells me about it all the time and he keeps bringing me home the absolute neatest drawings I have ever seen. I kinda get excited when he says he has a new one for me. And so lest I hide his light under a bushel, here are the talents of my son:

The Robot

The Horse (or AT-AT Walker)

The Snake

The Alligator

The Dog

We have found that Luke is incredibly studious when it comes to coloring. He always is so patient and will take the time to finish every coloring page in great detail, always coloring everything that is supposed to be colored. Perhaps we have a budding Uncle Sean on our hands??? That would be so cool :)


Karin said...

Very cool art! :)

Kt said...

Whoa! These are really good. I especially like the gator and dog. Good job Luke:)