Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday morning I discovered a giant dead mouse with a tail as long as a jump rope in my garage. Funny thing was I could not tell why it was dead. Its eyes were open and it only looked like something had jumped out and scared it to death. A cautionary tale for my family concerning my mother, I have to say. But I digress. So the thing laid there all day long. I was waiting for Jacob to come home and see it and then dispose of it. (Secretly I was hoping that it might be alive after all and it would disappear at some point.) I was on the laptop in the other room when I heard Jacob get home. He came in and said, "Ummmm, Jessica?" I didn't even look the other way and just said, "The mouse? I know!" and then I heard a giant squeal and thought he had brought it in because it was really alive!!! But then I realized he brought home a kitten! In a basket! And I was completely baffled! He said it was homeless, some kids had found it all the school all alone and they needed someone to take it or find it a home. And Jacob volunteered. I was stunned! So now I guess we have another cat.

It's a girl, we know this because Cindy looked at its face and said, "yeah, it's definitely a girl." Thank you, doctor. Anyway, it has got to be very young, or very runty. Yes, that's a word, I checked it myself. It cries like a maniac. We introduced it to Yoshi, who seemed mildly interested but only for about 20 seconds. At least there was no hissing!

We also gave the cat a bath, and unless we knew better, this cat LOVED the bath. It didn't make a sound. It didn't even shake or try to get away. It sat there with a dreamy look on its face that said, "Oh, yeah, make sure you get that spot on the back of my head. This is the life!" Strange! The kids are 100% obsessed kitten robots now. Up at 6:15am to play with it. And Cindy just showered and dressed for school and it is 7:10am. Utter awesomeness! Her working name is Cookie, but it may not stick.

So here are the...


(All except number ten were written by Cindy completely by herself! And number one just makes me die with laughter. I think her top ten future is bright, my friends :)

10. SpongeCat Whiskerpants (I was really pulling for this one)
9. Princess Leia
8. Prizm
7. Queen Amidala
6. Belle
5. Fifi
4. Mary Poppins
3. Lenny
2. Stormtrooper
1. Lickers

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