Monday, August 30, 2010

Before the 30 days begin...

I just wanted to post a few pictures on here. These are the rest of the family pictures we took before Brian and Kelly's reception. And also some pictures from the reception itself. They need to make it into the blog book, so here they are in completely random order:

Luke and Addie are a match made in heaven. Exactly the same age so they pretty much could entertain each other forever.

Me, Molly and Wy-guy

Dave just can't help it

Chris, Wyatt and my mom. Chris can't help it either.

One day Wyatt, you will have awesome fauxhawk hair just like Uncle Brian.

Sista, sista!

Oh, Brother!

Close to normal as we get

Steak and Shake would be proud to have you, Luke.

Okay, that is more like it.

Classic Luke pose. We were all laughing so hard at whatever the heck he was trying to do there.

Even Uncle Chris tried to do "the Luke".

Just had to show off the awesomely giant flower centerpiece thingy I made. Yay for trying things and hoping they work :)

I'm sure I forgot to mention a whole bunch of things about the reception, but it went great and the food was excellent. Kelly and Brian got some very generous gifts and Kelly's parents had a good first visit to Florida too. Lots of work, but good memories.


Mags said...

Ok, Chris not making a funny face in that picture with you makes me wonder what he has planed....

Linnley Marie said...

I love the family pictures, but one thought I had was why didn't Jacob smile in the pictures???