Friday, August 27, 2010

Backblogging 101

And now for your viewing pleasure....

Pictures I Haven't Shown You Yet!

Rosa has officially been "hudged", which means we got a hutch for the back patio so she will stop chewing everything to pieces out there. Even after we have corrected her, Cindy still calls it a "hudge" and actually, I prefer that word 2 to 1 over hutch. Try it! It's much more fun.

The week before Brian and Kelly left on their cruise, they went to a wedding reception here for a friend (one which I happened to be DJing). So for this occasion Aunt Kelly very kindly curled Cindy's hair with a curling iron- something I am completely inept at- and this was the result:

I am not sure Cindy was this happy ever in her life. Oh, Aunt Kelly you are even cooler than before! If that is even possible :)

Yay for cousins!

Okay, so finally, finally I got to see Elder Sweeney's postcard collection. They were so cool! Of all the mail he got, this was the little collection that he is going to keep forever. Awesome!

First Day of School 2010

I thought I would be the cool Mom by suggesting that Cindy could wear her high heels the first day of school. It was only a half day and I figured, why not? Because when she gets out of the car an administrator will tell me that they are not compliant with the dress code, that's why not. Good grief! She still wore them anyway ;)

And just so you know I wasn't kidding about the Star Wars infatuation...

This is the first photo in a collection in which Luke falls asleep with different Star Wars action figures. I already have more than this :)

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