Saturday, November 2, 2013


According to my calculations that was the fastest October the world has ever experienced.  Wow!  So here is everything I forgot to blog about:

We went to the Bartow Halloween parade again this year with our friends: 

Cindy, Maddie and another friend who I don't know

Luke, Ben and Nathan

Chillin' with my best girl :)

And this Duck Dynasty "float" exemplifies why I keep going back to this hometown event year after year...

Here is the pumpkin we carved this year.  We called him Pierre von Poompkeen: 

Last Saturday Chris and his family were here for some uppity doctor conference over in Orlando.  Chris basically told them that unless they gave him free tickets for his extended family to go to Hollywood Studios he was going to leave and shun their organization forever.  They buckled like a knee with a torn meniscus! Well, maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but nevertheless my parents and I and the kids got to head over to Orlando to hang out and enjoy a little free Disney action.  I managed these amazing photos:

A budding bromance

Luke on Endor

I am starting to have quite a fine collection of pics of Chris wearing strange hats.

Wow, those really capture everything we did, don't they?  Oy! I would say that the highlight of the night was everyone immediately going on Star Tours and Chris and I learning that we should NEVER ride that ride ever again.  It's comforting to know that I am not the only Bingham with pansy motion sickness issues.   Solidarity, brother!  And thanks for taking us! This is exactly what we had in mind when you said you were going to be a doctor, though.

The sunsets around this joint have been breathtaking lately.  The other night I went outside and thought a large timber factory was on fire across the street.  It was incredible.  Pictures never capture the awe of a good sunset, but Cindy tries anyways. 

Trick or treating two nights ago was pretty good.  It started out with Luke getting dressed and then....

In his defense Luke did wake up at 5:30am and told us how excited he was about Halloween.  He just needs to learn to pace himself :)

Here they are, all refreshed and ready to go!

Luke is not really interested in the actual candy, it seems.  He is ready to be done with trick or treating usually after about 5 houses.  His pumpkin actually got so full and heavy that he was whimpering and heaving great sighs every time we told him to hurry up and go with Cindy to the next door.  He ditched the bucket finally and just used his hand to carry any candy from the door to the pocket of my cargo shorts.  Again, stamina is not Robin's super power.

But all that hard work paid off because here is Cindy sorting her loot the next morning.  
Quite a haul!

Lastly, I have no picture for this, but I have been busily training for an upcoming 10K that I will be running in two weeks.  Superwoman Linnley sent me a training plan and I can honestly say I have been following it as best as possible.  I even woke up this morning, on a Saturday, at 5:40am to fit in my run.  I'm doing the work, I'm babysteppin', I'm not a slacker, gimmee, gimmee, I need, I NEED!  It has been great to have a new goal and Coach Linnley's plan will lead me to 10K glory! The only thing that can possibly stand in my way is a house full of candy that I can't stop eating and so wait,  let me just see if we have any around h- awh, crap.

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