Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Sneaky Backblogging Photos

Luke is obsessed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books right now.  Last week at the community festival where my dad got his Grandparent of the Year award, they had booths, bounce houses, face painting, free popcorn, crafts, etc.  So what does my child do first?  He goes to the
library's Bookmobile and finds the second book in the series and makes me check it out for him. And then he read it all morning. Including in a cozy little spot in this sculpture. 

The office where I work is a block from here so maybe I have a new place to take my lunch break...

 Luke just can't get enough!

I forgot to document that Cindy finished her volleyball season.  I was very proud of her for playing well and working hard for the entire 8 weeks.  Here she is with Coach Allison and Andrew.

Grandpa came to awards night to lend his support. And his bunny ears.

The other day I got a package in the mail and I told Luke he could open it.  Wow.  I guess that is one way to open a bubble mailer??  A way that no one else ever uses...

Three weeks ago Brian and Kelly came down for about 48 hours so Brian could be the best man in the wedding of his best friend. Cindy was only after one thing: holding Olivia.

Grandpa got into the act too.

It has been so incredibly not cold here.  But Luke does not seem to notice.  He will wear these long john Spiderman pajamas any time he wants.  And I found out the real reason he loves them is, and I quote, "When I wear them over my feet at the end like this, the red part looks like fire and I feel like Iron Man."

 Hey, my mom had another birthday! 

Jacob and I finally had a non-working date!  Blue Man Group over at Universal in Orlando.  I kinda wanted to see what all the fuss was about and since I am a LivingSocial commando I scored a great deal on tickets.  We definitely liked the show and had a good time (there was some very subtle humor all through the show that I totally loved), but we're not quite sure the hype is worth even my super savvy discounted price. We thought Cirque de Soliel was a little better.  But can I really complain about anything when getting to spend time with this gorgeous guy? Nope :)

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