Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tubthumping (He got knocked down, but he got up again)

What is up with my house turning against me this week?  Last night Luke was attacked by the bathtub.  He cut his eyebrow open and I had to actually take him to urgent care and have it glued back together; the first time he has been to the doctor for any illness or injury since his last immunization at 18 months!  I was kind of expecting Blue Cross to call me with a fraud alert because my insurance actually got used.  This also marks the first time that either of my children have had simple stitches or glue.  Nine years without a laceration that warranted attention!  All my medical records seem to be breaking this week and since they say that bad things come in threes, I am pretty much going to bubble wrap my family and do as little as possible for the next 48 hours.

And after all the questions at church today it did remind me that I have been meaning to order these bandaids...


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