Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Go WIldcats!

This "first day of school" photo from last week got a lot of traffic on my Facebook feed.  It wasn't so much that Cindy was annoyed with the prospect of school as she was annoyed with me.  She was tired of all the pictures.  This was the last one we took :)  

Three cheers for school!

 Okay, here is a much better, and earlier, photo with Dad.

Good looking family! I am such a lucky girl :)

And here is not only a good outside prior photo, but also the photo proof that out of all the over 40 sunflower seeds we planted earlier this summer, this is the only ONE that grew. ONE. Wow, my soil is sad.  And zombies will have great success in this neighborhood.

Save us Cucuface, you are our only defense!

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