Friday, August 16, 2013

Thumbody Call the Doctor

So the full story on my thumb is that while leaning down to pick up a remote that was lying on the floor halfway under the cargo furniture chair that is in my living room, my thumb slid along the side of the chair and then a giant splinter got lodged underneath my thumbnail with no way to get it out because no part of the wood was free of my nail. (Good guess, Davina. So close with the flag theory. So close.)  And here is where working for a Doctor can come in real handy.  I got in to see our PA Tuesday afternoon and she numbed up my thumb enough to peel back my nail and take out the splinter which was in 6 pieces.  I am telling you, this was the smallest, yet most excruciating injury I have ever had. I had not gone to a doctor for something non-childbirth related since I was at BYU in 1999.  So my excellent injury-free record is broken :( And worst of all is that now I don't trust wood.  Rulers, furniture, firewood, toothpicks, rocking chairs, Obama's brain, chopsticks, wheelbarrows, broomsticks, bedknobs- yep, they are all on my shun list.  But at least after the splinter removal I was as good as new and my thumb was hardly even sore.  So in your face, splinter!  And good news, I can now get back to my life of constant texting, snapping and hitchiking.  And not going back to the doctor til 2026.

And here are some more people who are happy about my thumb:

Michael Buble

Jim Halpert

The Fonz

this cat

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