Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet The Juice!

I have to admit that now that my job at work has changed from filing and phones to typing medical notes for eight hours a day, it is a little hard to come home and type this blog.  But, I must press forward!

Let's be honest for a moment.  We went to Tennessee to visit my brothers, but the real star of the show was this little lady.....

We finally got to meet my new niece Olivia.  So here is a montage of pictures of her adorable little face :)  This is what you call a very gratuitous post for the grandmas and anyone else who wants to steal a few pictures.

 Chris is so good with babies.  And then I remember, oh yeah, he is a pediatrician! Makes sense.

Yep, we passed Olivia around like the 98th bottle of beer on the wall.  She was pretty good most of the time, but was pretty quick to figure out when her mom or dad weren't the ones holding her.

This, by far was one of my favorite moments.  After we ate dinner one night, Brian was loading Olivia into the car seat.  Right then the song that came on in the restaurant was "Love Train" by the O'jays and Brian as grooving and singing along and Olivia LOVED it.  She was smiling and almost laughing.  I took this picture and I think if she actually could snap, she would have been.

Okay, tomorrow we get back to business and show you the rest of the story....

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