Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Kiddie Quickies

Last night we were the DJs for a wedding reception.  Normally when we have an event where we are both needed, Jacob and I pawn off the kids to my parents. But since we are pawning them off tonight because we are DJing Mormon Prom, we brought the the kids along for slave labor. I mean, because we thought they would have a good time.  If you know the Cox family in our Stake then you know that they know how to throw a wedding reception.  It was held at the Mackay Gardens and Lakeside Preserve in Lake Alfred and it had it all- croquet, horseshoes, outside tented dining, lights, a killer buffet dinner, gorgeous flowers, amazing decor and a candy "bar" for guests to take home a bag of treats made just to their liking.  The kids were in heaven! Especially when their friends Ben and Nathan showed up :)

This was a crowd that LOVED to dance, so the party was going strong till almost 10:45.  I oversaw all of the dinner music and dance specials, and then Jacob took over at the end to get everyone moving.  At about 10:15 Luke had reached his limit.  He has no stamina for late nights and he began to get that glazed over look in his eyes and started asking for him to hold him.  Poor little guy!  I decided to take a walk with him outside to wake him up and escape the loud music for a little bit. As we walked to the front of the building, we were looking inside the front door watching everyone dance.  I was shocked by how long the party was going and I asked out loud (rhetorically) "Why is everyone STILL dancing?!"  And then Luke answered me saying, "I think it's because they like to have their ears hurting."  Dad does love his volume :)

Also, outside on the giant lawn behind the reception center was a gazebo. Cindy loves things like that and when she first saw it she immediately took off running to go scout it out.  Luke tagged along with her and I thought it was hilarious that for the rest of the night he kept calling it the "kazoo".

Finally, as you can imagine, the best part of the attending wedding receptions for Cindy is the possibility of taking home flowers at the end.  As the night wound down and people began to clean up, Cindy worked her magic and was able to snag a very lovely bouquet of flowers to bring home, including a very cool blue vase that Sister Cox gave her.  (Can I just admit that I want to be Tricia Cox when I grow up??)  Anyway, as late as it was by the time we finally made it home and ready for bed, Cindy had already made sure her flowers were safe and sound. We found this on the counter when we walked in from unloading all the equipment outside:

Don't worry, Junie B. We won't :)

Here also for you is a picture that Jacob took with his camera phone.  It basically shows you how excited Luke is about dancing.  He sat there by the dance floor for a while and completely stared down everyone that was out there, while wearing a look on his face that said, "I have no idea why we do this."  He was just there for the bread and butter.

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Linnley Marie said...

Ooh my goodness! Laughing so hard at that picture of Luke. Man he really loves his dancing! ha ha!! Goofy kid! Always entertaining.