Friday, May 17, 2013

Straight Jacket Sold Separately

Now that I am a few days into the Insanity workout, I thought I would help Shaun T. come up with some catchy new slogans for his torture- I mean, fitness program.


10. Wanna see something that really hurts?
9.  Come for the cardio, stay for the vertigo
8.  Oh, it's gonna get a lot worse than that
7.  Don't pass up passing out
6.  All the fun of getting hit by a car without the expensive medical bills
5.  As seen at Gitmo!
4.  And you thought you were in pain yesterday!
3.  Well, what else are you going to post about on Facebook?
2.  When was the last time you had x-rays?
1.  It's squatterriffic!

Alright, alright, it's actually not THAT bad.  I will say that it is a dang good thing I already did P90x because I probably would have quit this on day 2 if not for already having experience with plyometric exercises.  Insanity is faster, requires no weights, is very intense and only lasts 60 days.  P90x is a lot more of a methodical, all-encompassing, total body system that is meant to take longer and really build muscle.  So far, even though I haven't been able to walk or sit without wincing for 5 days, it's been pretty good.  I feel a lot better than I did a week ago!  And all I gotta do is just push play six days a week.  Only 55 days to go...

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