Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Top Ten Tuesday! With a side of turkey hat...

Wow, Halloween last night was awesome! I will blog about it much later in the week, but for now while I try and bring myself out of the candy-induced coma I fell into last night, allow me to make two big announcements. The first is that I have decided that from now on, and particularly when I feel like it, Tuesday's posts will feature a top ten list for your enjoyment. I am writing these lists all the time anyway, so let's just give the people what they want, right?

Secondly, if anyone remembers, a few weeks ago I did kinda promise you something very fun every day leading up until Thanksgiving. So now that I dug myself into a giant hole on that one, it's time to pay the piper. Every day until Thanksgiving, you can come to Sweeneyville to see someone (known or unknown to either you and/or me) wearing this amazing turkey hat I bought 3 weeks ago. Luke is officially taking Day 1:

What a trooper! Luke actually loves this hat, it might end up in his stocking come Christmas...

Also, if you have any suggestions of persons you would like to be seen wearing the hat, I am open to hearing your thoughts :) And I am officially giving myself until 5pm EST to post the hat pic each day. Mom, be patient.

And now, back to the Top Ten List...

For today's list, I need to give you a little background. Since my little brother Brian has been at BYU, he has had a few run-ins with BYU police, specifically the parking enforcement division. And if you know Brian at all, you know that ALL of these occurrences are completely innocent and unintentional violations that had no pre-meditated motives whatsoever. This seems to be a theme with Brian. So much so that one day he vows to start a blog called "The Accidental Outlaw" and tell the world of his clueless life of crime. Anyway, after his latest phone call describing what happened to him with BYU police "this time", I decided to write this list. With a little help from my pa, of course...


13. Blondie
12. Captain Careless
11. Like taking candy from a Brian
10. Ol' Once-a-Monther
9. Senor Centavo
8. The Absent Minded Transgressor
7. That kid that's dumber than Obama
6. Sir Parks a Lot
5. Easy Money
4. The Heedless Horsemen
3. Oblivious Rebel
2. Badda-Bingham
2. Fish in a Barrel
1. SpongeBri TicketPants


Mags said...

Ok, last time I spent any time around Brian, he was still in primary. However, the kid had stars in his bedroom mapped out accurately as the solar system. So it's weird to hear he's absent minded.

As for turkey hat....well grandparents need their turn. ;-)

Karin said...

Love the list & the hat! :) Thanks for some post-Halloween (or pre-Thanksgiving) humor!