Sunday, November 20, 2011

And Things Were Going So Well...

Well, I was really sure I was going to rock the turkey hat challenge- with no skipped days, no misses- but alas, my schedule is not cooperating :( I have been swamped with projects the past few days so I am going to have to play catch up from now until Thanksgiving. Which will be totally easy with Jacob and the kids being out of school for the entire next week, right? Well, it's my blog and I'll change the turkey hat challenge if I want to :) In the mean time, here is a small report on Legoland...

Cindy and I had a blast there last Thursday. Her whole second grade got invited to check it out for $5. Suh-weet! I think this park is absolutely perfect for kids her age and younger. And especially those with weak constitutions and those who are scared of riding anything that even looks like it might go over 1 mph. I conned Cindy into going on one roller coaster at the beginning of the day and after that I was on her shun list. She thought she was going to die and will never forgive me for almost ending her short life. Oh, the humanity!!!

However, after that near-death experience, we walked around the corner and found this ride (for very small children), where all you do is sit on a horse as it barely teeters back and forth on a track. She saw it and said, "Now THIS is more like it!"

There were only three kids in the whole class who didn't have a parent come with them, so I did actually have to chaperone for a few hours. Here is Cindy and her friend Priscilla outside one of the many rides that Cindy wouldn't go on.

The double-decker carousel was a big hit. (Although it did not have any music! What gives?) I did it twice, which was two times too many :) What can I say? I'm old and the lining in my brain is drying out. I just can't tolerate centrifugal force any more. I know my limits and I gladly accept them.

Look who we found!

I was constantly amazed by the stuff they can make out of Legos. Cindy, well, not so much...

Our Legoland used to be Cypress Gardens, which was a botanical gardens/amusement park/water ski place, so a lot of that stuff is still part of this new park. We ate our lunch under this giant shaded amphitheater, which had a great view of the Lego Pirates Water Ski Show, which is right on Lake Eloise. (Consequently, this is the exact place I did my first triathlon all those years ago :) Plus the breeze was blowing and it was absolutely a fantastic place to stop and take a break.

Southern Belles used to roam the old Cypress Gardens park, so this Lego creation was totally appropriate.

Cindy actually only rode about 5 rides in the entire park. She is a girl that knows what she likes and does not deviate from that plan of attack. The one ride we could not stay off of was Boating School. Although it DID provide me with ample opportunities to make endless Spongebob and Mrs. Puff references, and that was a source of much amusement for myself. The whole ride is just driving a little boat through this little winding canal. The boat is actually not on a track, so you really do have to push the gas pedal and steer it, otherwise you get all backwards and clog up the whole operation. Cindy was a great driver! I offered her $1 if she could navigate the entire course without hitting the side, but she missed it just by a hair. She did take her revenge by constantly steering me under the squirting pelican. I'll get you, Gadget!

And that was our day at Legoland. Can't wait for Luke to have a day there. He is gonna love it!

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Mags said...

$5?!!! Holy cow! If we ever make it back down there, I'm having you plan my Legoland part of the trip. ;-)