Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yes, There are Thousands and Thousands of Uses for a Turkey Hat, All of Which I am Going To Tell You About Right Now...

This is Tina, who was one of the very kind chemo nurses that took care of my mom while she was doing her treatments. Tina was actually pretty entusiastic about wearing the hat, which further shows just how awesome she is :)

One of the last times I took my mom up to the cancer center, I dropped her off and then ran some errands. I found this turkey hat at Target and had to have it, but the best part was when I picked my mom back up, I went in to the cancer center wearing this hat and it brought joy into the hum-drum lives of everyone who saw it. Especially my mom, who needed a good laugh that day :)

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Karin said...

Jessica, you are amazing!