Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today features my football ticket-taking pal, Julie. She teaches with Jacob in the math department. We have sat in the little booth at the Auburndale football stadium all season for both JV and Varsity football games selling tickets and basically telling each other our life stories. We even worked together last year too. It's been fun to get to know her. She is an Air Force brat who has lived all over the world and she is a very good teacher. In my opinion she is way to nice to her students- always donating to their fundraising causes, sponsoring clubs, volunteering for things, loaning them money when they are short a dollar to get into the football games- you name it. She is a kind, generous soul. And a great person to pass the time with. And also very good at wearing hats that look like cooked turkeys.

And speaking of Auburndale, which is chock full of rednecks and more camo than Modern Warfare 3 when it gets cold outside, on the way home from taking tickets at the game last night I caught the song Camouflage by Brad Paisley on the radio. The second stanza of that song has got to be one the all-time greatest country music verses ever penned. This is the verse:

"Well, I asked Jenny to the prom
And her mom knew how to sew
So she made a matching tux
And gown from Duck Blind Mossy Oak

We took pictures in the backyard
Before we went to the dance
And the only thing that you can see
Is our faces and our hands

Camouflage, camouflage
You should've seen the way it popped with her corsage
Camouflage, camouflage
Ain't nothing doesn't go with camouflage"

I can't wait for prom this year at AHS because you just know someone is working on this right now. YEE-HAW!!

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