Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everybody Do the Dinosaur

While we all wait for the turkey hat picture of the day, which will not be until at least 9pm (don't worry, it's totally worth it) I will now resume with some regularly scheduled blogging.

Two Saturdays ago I got to take my kids to Dinosaur World for Cindy's classmate's birthday party.

Dinosaur World is an attraction here in central Florida that features at least two gigantically huge fake dinosaurs facing the interstate that takes you to the Tampa airport. Yep, I have lived here for over 18 years of my life and that was pretty much all I had pieced together about this place up until now, so I jumped at the chance to finally go and see what Dinosaur World is actually all about. Plus, seeing as how I will never be one of those parents that spends more than a quarter for my children to have a birthday party, I make it a point to attend every event birthday party we get invited to. We have had some good times in the past two years! And it usually only costs me a Nerf football or a Zooble house. Sweet!

So what is Dinosaur World? Well, it's just a couple of acres of dense Florida woods that have some sidewalks put in and lots of huge fake dinosaurs and little plaques to tell you what they are. And a very large gift shop. And that's about it. So for an adult, it's terribly average. For a kid, it's pretty cool. Personally, I think it should be called Mosquito World. I got chewed alive at this place! Probably because I was wearing capris and my sunless tanner lotion- which I am convinced is made with some sort of mosquito crack that makes me irresistible to those blood suckers. Next time I am wearing my beekeeper's suit...

They did have a pretty good playground at this place. My kids loved it and it even made Cindy want to take pictures???

Here I am frolicking among the majestic brontasauri... Photo by Luke. Not bad!

This was "The Boneyard" where the kids could uncover a giant dinosaur fossil in the sand. A better name for this little house would be the Mosquito Golden Corral. That is why the picture is being taken from outside where I was standing to avoid being nibbled to death.

Come on, Luke, when I say jump in front of a giant Stegosaurus skeleton so I can take your picture, JUMP! Cindy got like three feet of air that time...

Skeptical Luke does not believe this sign...

It wouldn't be a real Dinosaur world without a fossil dig. Cindy found enough shark teeth to sink a battleship. Lucky for me, she only got to keep three fossils. Luke got a "fossilized plant stem", a phrase he has repeated about 1300 times since that day.

I asked Luke what he would do if a T-Rex tried to eat him. Good thing they are extinct.

Not the best photo op board I have seen, but the kids thought it was hilarious.

And finally, one more pic of Luke hamming it up for the camera :)

So there you have Dinosaur World. Loved by kids, tolerated by adults.

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