Monday, November 14, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

(Our neighbor, Mark)
Hey, Neighbor! Just wanted to say thanks for being so kind to us. You know, for kicking back all the balls we have kicked over your fence, for letting my daughter play at your house every single day for hours after school, for letting my kids use your trampoline and pool and for inviting us to your gymnastics party. In fact, just because we think so much of you, I am going to ask you to wear this hat. So we're pretty much even now, right?

A Luke Quickie

While in the car today waiting for Cindy to get off the bus, Luke found the finisher's medal I got at the 5K I ran on Saturday. He asked me what it was for so I told him it was from my race. Then he casually asked me, "What kind of race was it? Like on a horse.....or...what?" I couldn't stop laughing. Although my time for a 5K on a horse would KILL!

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Linnley Marie said...

ha ha ha that's awesome!! I love lukes response. He's so so funny. I love his imagination.