Sunday, January 2, 2011

Under Construction

So after I changed my header up there for the new year, I started to mess around in the templates page of my blog and things have gotten a little wacky. I'm not sure I can even get it back to the way it was before, so we may all just have to live with the consequences of my horrible decisions. I will keep working at it... Anyway, hope you all had a great New Year's. Ours included me being finally able to keep down solid food, yet not being well enough to enjoy the amazing New Year's spread at DeAnne's house. Seriously, I have the worst timing EVER!! Jacob got sick on the side of the road later that night coming home from DJing a New Year's dance and as of this morning Cindy was taking her turn with the stomach bug. Luke we think already had it for about 4 days, so hopefully he will not take a second turn. Gotta love germs :) Anyway, hoping to post the rest of my holiday pics shortly and in the mean time, who doesn't like ocean blue and orange, huh?

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Mags said...

Wow, two of my kids are puking today too. Not fun when kids are sick and even worse when momma is sick. I'm climbing out of it myself. Glad you are feeling better. :)