Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have definitely hit a lull in my blogging. There is nothing really new and exciting to blog about right now. (Well, not yet anyway :) Stay tuned over the weekend when I announce my next exciting project.) I guess January scores yet another point against us! Grrr!

But in the meantime, join me as I roll the dice of randomness and put together a post the likes of which you and I have never seen. And hopefully will never see again. Actually, it's just a few random things that are on my mind today.

#1- BYU Basketball and Jimmer Fredette

This guy is a BEAST! All of us Cougar fans (and the BYU Football team especially) thank you for giving us something to be excited about.

For the amazing story, straight from the Yahoo! homepage, click here.

#2- A Luke Quickie

This morning Luke volunteered to say the morning prayer. I had one eye open watching him as his mind completely wandered and his words began to ramble and not make any sense. His heart was just not in it. Finally the end of the prayer went something like this: ", nevermind!! In the name of Jesus, Amen." It was a classic.

#3- Turkey Trot 5K

Remember how I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving? I never stuck around to find out what my time was, but I finally looked it up online last night and found that I had placed 8th in my age group! Which is flat-out amazing considering how many people ran that race (over 1,000). Go me. Next up is the Bartow Bloomin' 5k on March 5th. Anyone? Anyone?

#4- This makes me laugh

I saw this on Ellen Foley's Facebook page. In my mind, this is how Jacob answers knock, knock jokes. (Actually, my brother Chris used to give that exact answer just to drive me crazy. Or he would say, "It's open!" or "Key's under the mat!" Hilarious.)

#5- What were they thinking?

I started this album of photos a long time ago, but never finished. So here are a few....

#6- Working on your Birthday

After I committed to being the DJ for a wedding reception that happens on Monday night, I got about 5 emails all offering me free dinner on my brthday. Guess you'll be seeing me at Denny's for breakfast, Louie Mack's for lunch and I will be dead by the reception, so it might not matter anyway. Actually, I am grateful for the work. Who has a reception on a Monday night? Only people who don't want it to last very long. Awwwwh, yeah! ;)

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