Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lost Pictures of Atlantis

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I went on my mom's computer the other day and found all sorts of pictures that I didn't really know existed. Some were recent, some were not. Some were from my mom, some from my sister-in-law Kelly, but I put them all onto my flash drive and now I will show you a few of the best ones that that magical computer folder had to offer:

Luke and Cucuface sitting in a tree...

Three peas in a pod. From over a year ago at least...

Cindy last year at Easter

Me last night just hanging out at the house. Okay, actually this was from almost a year ago when Cindy and her cousins were making masks and becoming superheroes. This was my incredibly clever disguise.

And here are the girls':

My brother Chris and his inflatable rastafarian wig. It was Halloween and not just his tribute to Patch Adams while getting ready to go to work.

This was from a while ago but I still chuckle when I see it. It's just so Dave.

Sand or no sand, Wyatt is still as cute as ever :)

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Mags said...

I have to say, Dave made Florida a lot of fun when I went to college down there. He always said you were the funniest of the siblings. He also said Brian would get married before him...