Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Recap

I am going to be putting together a sweet video montage of my 3 week Christmaspalooza, but since videos don't really go too well in a printed blog book (at least not unless you are at Hogwart's), I am putting some pics from Christmas day up to keep for my posterity. (This edition deals only with activities of Christmas morning here at my own house :) There was more, lots more, but I'm taking things slowly.)

I took a page out of my friend Susie Bailey's book this year and decided to add to a tradition we already have. Susie always gives her kids PJ's AND a book on Christmas Eve. I usually just do the PJ's but who doesn't love books?! My kids sure do!

Cindy got horse pajamas and the chapter book for Tangled, while Luke rejoiced over his Lego Star Wars pajamas and Thomas the Train book :)

About two weeks before Christmas it became known to me that Cindy was really wanted a Nintendo DS. I was a little puzzled by this because she never really talked about it and plus she kept calling it an "ID". Anyway, she actually turned out to be quite disappointed on Christmas morning because she did not receive this present. (Well, that's what you get for changing your mind! Wait, that's actually what you get for wishing for something your Mom would never buy you when you have access to an iPod touch...) However, she did somehow manage to pull herself out of her funk of disappointment long enough to appreciate some of her gifts.

Zoobles from Santa.

Her mostest favorite new outfit (which she saw me buy at Kohl's but kinda forgot about and was pretty happy to finally have in her possession).

Luke on the other hand was having a GREAT morning! The Iron Man fairy came to visit and left him all kinds of goodies :)

I also gave Luke a bag of powdered donuts under the tree. He LOVES those things. So much in fact that he slowed us all way down due the fact that he was opening gifts one-handed while his other hand held a donut.

I was very proud of this shirt I got for Jacob. If you don't get the reference, we can't be friends anymore.

So what did I get? Jacob got me an iPod arm band for when I run (sweet!), a mini book light so I can read in bed when he is wanting to sleep (score!) and he got me an XBOX KINECT! With the game Dance Central! If you haven't tried one of these, they are so amazing. No controller needed, you can actually talk to it with voice commands, they have super fun games- I love it! I even played my dance game today and, not to brag or anything, but I did two routines with a five star GOLD score (which unlocked two new backgrounds and a three new avatar outfits- boo-yah!). I didn't take 8 years of clogging and jazz for nothing, alright? Seriously, it's fun and a good workout. So thanks Jacob :) You did GOOD!

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