Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Jacob Quickie

I told the short version on Facebook, but this MUST be logged into the annals of Sweeneyville history. We will file it under the chapter "Amazing Date Nights" subchapter, Great Moments in Bingham Assimilation.

For date night on Saturday we went to Tiajuana Flats. I totally love this mexican restaurant. They have good food, super nice people, and a hot sauce bar. Plus they have chocolate chip cookie dough flautas. Repeat: Chocolate chip cookie dough flautas. Served with powdered sugar and chocolate dipping sauce. Amazing. Anyway, after the meal Jacob went back up through the line to get a drink refill and order this amazing dessert. Little did I know that when the girl at the cash register asked for his name (so they can call it out and find your table when it's ready), Jacob said, "Voldemort". So when the waitress came out, looked at the tag and had to read the name out loud, she blushed red, went over to the head cashier and we could hear her say, "I don't want to have to say that!!" So then the cashier grabs the ticket and calls out "Voldemort!" for all to hear. The poor waitress then comes over and tells us how embarassed she was. It was pretty much the highlight of my ten years together with Jacob. I could not have been more proud :)


Linnley Marie said...

Ha Ha.. That is so funny. Sounds like something my Harry Potter obsessed little cousins would do!!

Chris said...

I admit, I cried a little when I read this...from laughter!