Saturday, January 29, 2011

A to Z

Are you like me in that you did not know that the little curvy arrow under the logo is supposed to symbolize that they sell everything from A to Z? Who knew!? Well, obviously not me. (There's actually a lot more where that came from if you really want to read about it. Click here for more popular logos with hidden meanings.) But not until you finish reading the rest of this post! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, people!

Anyway, this little nugget of wisdom has inspired my newest blog project. Seeing as how February has 28 days and the Alphabet has 26 letters- clearly, we all see the amazing correlation- I will be using the month of February to blog the Alphabet. One letter each day with two days left over for you to bask in its awesomeness. No rules; the topic could be about absolutely anything! (So long as it involves either training ferrets, detailed instructions on how to build your own bi-plane or cooking with liquid nitrogen, because I'm kind of an expert on all that stuff.) The fun starts Tuesday! Who am I kidding? The fun goes on 24/7 around here, but Alphabet fun definitely starts Tuesday :)

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