Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweeney Family Pictures 2010

Just for some quick background on these pictures... We took these obviously outside, but it just happened to be the coldest, most windy day we have had in a while here in Florida. We were all absolutely chilled to the bone, and some of the kids were not really happy about being so cold and having to do this. We were literally only out there a for a total of about 30 minutes for all of us. So considering the weather, the moods of our children and the shortened length of the session, I'd say these turned out to be pretty darn incredible :)

Uncle Sean

Uncle Robert, Aunt Brooke, Michelle, Lauren and Eryn

Karl and DeAnne

Aunt KaRyn

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Linnley

The entire Sweeney Clan :)


Mags said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.

Karin said...

Those are awesome. Cindy's is striking. Glad they turned out so well in spite of the weather. :)