Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scottsdale Arizona Mission: The Musical

(The following post should be read to the tune of the Primary classic, 
"Oh, What do you do in the summertime?")

Oh, what do you do at the Mission home, where these two kids were seen?

Do you steal Grandpa's keys?

Or pick fruit from the trees?

Or ride all the mission biiiiiiikes?

Is that what you do?  No surprise!

Oh, what do you do at the Mission home, where this great tree is seen?

Do you smell lemon leaves?

Kill zombies with ease?

Or eat on the porch, waving Hiiiiiii!??????

Is that what you do? So did I!

Do you eat a small snack?

Or roll in soft grass?

Or give beating Grandpa a tryyyyyy?

Is that what you do? 
One more time!

Do you juice up a storm?

Get hugs that are warm?

Or play songs one thousand tiiiiimes?

Is that what you do? Lucky guys!

We got to spend 4 days at the mission home and were treated like royalty. We had such a good time hanging out, visiting Scottsdale and seeing a small slice of what mission life is like.  

The mission home itself is like Xanadu.  Fruit trees, soft green grass, flowers, a small path, large porch, on the lot of the church and right across from a beautiful high school- it is a sweet setup.  The kids will forever remember that as the coolest place they ever visited.    

Karl and DeAnne are so good to us and so good to those missionaries. They are so lucky to have them there.  We miss them every single day, but you can't really argue with their reason for leaving for a time.  I am so glad we got to make this trip.  Sixteen months to go!

Why was I making this face??!!  It makes no sense!!

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