Friday, April 10, 2015

I Mustache You to Read This

I need to mention here that while we were at the St. George, UT temple, Cindy and I were witness to something incredibly rare and incredibly cool.  It is called a mustache cloud.  The only reason I even know about this weather phenomena is because of one of those stupid BuzzFeed stories about 10 Weather Things You Probably Don't Know About and Never Will Believe or some dumb thing like that.  (I secretly loathe BuzzFeed and their hideous lists that pass for journalism.  Ironic that I would be making fun of lists that are not up to journalistic snuff, however...)  Anyway, here is what a mustache cloud looks like:

Multiply the coolness of this by a factor of 6 to really understand what I am talking about

NO kidding, there was one of these in the sky right over the temple and Cindy and I both saw it as we were driving away.  Jacob was totally confused as to why I was freaking out about a cloud.  And of course the batteries died in my camera as I tried to take a picture, making me look like a total liar, but it happened! We saw the rotation and everything.  Bucket list, you are now one item shorter.

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