Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go West: Part 2- Cacti-lackin'

You know what is amazing about Arizona?  You might be thinking it's the fact that the bolo tie is the official state neckware, how they stuck it to the man and decided against that whole daylight savings thing or maybe even how the guy who narrates the original Charlotte's Web was born there- but you would be so wrong.

It's cactus.  Seriously people, I had no idea about those things.  They. are. EVERYWHERE.  And not little wimpy ones either, I am talking about the giant two armed cactus that you see in cartoons and on Mexican restaurant menus.  (They are officially called the "Saguaro" cactus, but it's pronounced "Sha-chef-ski." Okay, really it is "Suh-whar-oh.") Seeing them is like when a person comes to Florida and sees gators everywhere- they realize that stereotypes are there for a reason.

Do I have really have 11 vacation pictures devoted mostly to the cactus?  No, I actually have way more than that, silly, but these are the cream of the crop.  Of cactus.

I rest my case.  And no, this cactus does not come up to my waist.  Luke is not that small.

Grandma said to hug the cactus, Cindy was apprehensive.

Cactus garden at the Mesa temple- awesome!  

Straight out of a movie! That is a REAL cactus!

How old is this thing??

The three amigos

They are like weeds!

The coolest part is that a Saguaro cactus has to be about 100 years old to have one arm.  So some of these guys are ancient! The survival rate of those things is astounding to me.  Cactus, you have blown my mind.  As soon as I find a roadrunner and coyote on rocket skates, my desert experience will be just as I had imagined it to be.

P.S.  For 50 truly amazing facts about Arizona, that really are quite fascinating and NOT written by some lame-o from BuzzFeed, click here.  It's worth the read!

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