Friday, April 24, 2015


If I don't finish blogging this trip soon, I might not finish at all.  So I got a can of Red Bull, a raspberry 5 Hour Energy and 12 hours to burn!  Let's do this!*

Cindy's Birthday

Because we would be in Arizona for Cindy's actual birthday, we celebrated early in Florida before we left so my parents could deliver their obscene amount of presents, while I on the other hand, could open two boxes of Little Debbie red velvet snacks and phone in a "cake."  Don't be jealous of my ability to hack everything I touch.

In Arizona we took the ceremonial trip to Sprinkles bakery, which is a very uppity bakeshop in the very posh part of Scottsdale.  

Even Sprinkles has stinky garbage apparently...

Even though the kids were dying to have the experience of getting cupcakes
out of an ATM, we decided to go inside instead.
I figured it would be cheaper to build my own when I got home.

Should I get the lasagna flavor or sour cream and onion?

 Here is a blurry picture of almost the whole dozen we got- which consisted of a variety of flavors like coconut, vanilla, carrot cake, red velvet, marshmallow, baby squid, toasted pecan, dark chocolate and a few others.

I gotta admit, even though a cupcake is still pretty much always just a cupcake, these were actually pretty darn delicious.  The frosting was tremendous.  I cannot lie.  Well, I can, but right now, I am not.

 For Cindy's present, I got her some time with her Grandparents.  I think I did pretty good this year :)

*I don't actually have either of those things.  But I am currently not at work and have promised myself that I will stay off Pinterest for a few hours, so it's basically like the same thing.

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