Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birthday Baptism Fiesta de la Ocho

Luke had a quite a week here in Sweeneyville. He turned the big EIGHT! Which means, donuts, presents and cake, Cub Scouts, and a baptism. Not a bad stretch, my son.

He is just a tad bit excited about Cub Scouts...

This year's cake was a huge success.  That soccer ball candle I bought on clearance 7 years ago FINALLY got put to use.

And now, a fun little comparison of Jacob on his 8th birthday :)

Luke got baptized on Sunday, April 26, 2015 after church (you know, when all baptisms should be) by his dad.  We had a ton of friends and family come and support us and it was an all around great day.  

(Insert Yesterday by the Beatles here....)

Luke, where are you looking?!?!

My baby!

Here is Luke's official baptism photo and the official program for the service.  

 And here is Jacob's :)

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