Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Luke: Man of Mystery

I have now spent two days cleaning out my children's rooms.  For some it may be drudgery, but I actually kind of salivate at the chance I get during the first days of school when my children leave and I get to throw away, I mean, "re-organize" their stuff.  I finished Luke's room yesterday and, while cleaning out his backpack from the end of school back in June, I found three things in the front pocket.  Three things that have completely baffled me and made me think I am sleeping in a room next to a total stranger.


A playing card (four of diamonds) with a diagram of the Tulsa, OK airport on the back.


A foam bookmark with the greatest school picture in the history of school pictures ever stuck to it.
(I may or may not be making this into a Christmas ornament for my tree this year.  
I don't know who this guy is, but I gotta have him.)


A baggie filled with a disgusting sock.

And I thought Cindy having 154 fun size Skittles wrappers under her bed made me nervous! While I do some reconnaissance on these items, go ahead and make your guesses as to why these were in his backpack.  If you go three for three, I will give you a playing card with a diagram of the Tulsa, OK airport on it.  What can I say? I have connections...

1 comment:

Mike said...

1. Luke is a terrorist and this is his target.
2. This is his handler who just crossed the Texas border and will be relocated to Lakeland.
3. Chemical weapon.

It all seems perfectly clear to me.