Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Wyatt Quickie followed by a Brian Quickie

I am working on a very amazing "end-of-summer" post for Sweeneyville, so while I finish that up, please enjoy two quickies, courtesy of my nephew, Wyatt and my brother, Brian.

The other day my brother Chris took his almost 5 year old son, Wyatt, to the Florida Aquarium.  The highlight of the day apparently was when they walked up to a giant painting of a manatee hanging on the wall and Wyatt asked, "Dad, where are we on this map?" 

After spending the day on Tuesday over at Chris' house, Brian, Kelly, Olivia and I were driving home that afternoon on a back road to avoid school traffic around their subdivision.  We passed many houses that were set on several acres of land, surrounded by cows and horses.  One house in particular had a huge barn, that looked straight out of a movie.  It was set back under some trees and was very cool.  I said, "Wow, look at that barn! It's awesome!"  Brian, who was in the passenger seat, squinted his eyes as we drove by and finally said quietly, "I bet there are so many spiders in there..."

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