Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get your fists ready...

Brian, Kelly and Olivia are here for a visit and yesterday we hit the beach.  Chris and Molly and the kids met us at Ft. DeSoto and together we frolicked, seagull punched and even did a little robot dancing...

This was the first time little Livers had ever seen the beach!  It's a fair assessment to say that she loved it and definitely wants Brian to do his residency in Tampa.

There was also a little water football...

Clam races???

Sandcastle building, shark floaties, mesmerizing handstands.....

Cousins, weather, very ominous weather....

There is just something about a turtle nesting ground that makes you 
want to do the robot, am I right?

Hey, who's ready for the show?

But best of all, there was seagull punching!  

Chris took it to the next level with the seagull uppercut!  Nice work.

And finally, the money shot of the day was the Street Fighter pelican punch!  
In your big fat bill, pelican!

To the end the day, we busted out the timer feature on the camera and took some very poorly lit group pictures.  Which I have poorly edited so you can see our faces.  

Until December :)

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Kelly said...

Nice work never letting an awesome moment go undocumented! That is my saddest moment when I leave a reunion with loved ones and didn't get enough pictures! I must admit that the pictures of Chris have taken seagull punching to a whole new level!