Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The World of XBOX

I just have to start out by saying that today's post was supposed to be Experience #13- but thanks to the MJ memorial on every TV station in the entire known universe, I was pre-empted and it will now have to wait a few more days. Sigh.....

So, I now turn your attention to my musings about XBOX. (Prepare for total fascination!!!!) Like many gaming consoles, you can play XBOX games online against your family, friends and total and complete strangers. Of course when you sign up for XBOX live, you have to choose a screen name, or 'handle' as it is called. This is the name that is displayed on the screen as you play and how you find your friends online to play against them. This handle can be pretty much anything you want. And I have seen it all! Each time Jacob fires up a new game of Halo, which is about every 7 minutes in our house, we see a whole new set of about 12 screen names. I have been scanning them for the past 2 weeks and writing down my favorites. And here are just a few:

ShamW00w (probably my all-time favorite handle)
Evil sofa leg

And just last night Jacob was on a team with willsmith555 and on the other team just happned to be VanillaIce49. And true to real life, willsmith555 totally killed VanillaIce49!

The other amusing thing about XBOX live is that you can plug in your headset and talk to all the other people on your team. Consequently I get to hear all the chatter while Jacob plays, and I am shocked by how much of the time Jacob is playing with 9 and 10 year old kids! (But what am I expecting, really? Most 30 year olds should be a work with jobs, right? Yet another blessing of being a teacher...) The funniest thing I heard the other night was one little kid talking to another saying, "I know you are on my friend list in XBOX, but will you be my friend in real life?" Classic.

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