Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost done!

I can't believe our super-long amazingly fun and awesome summer vacation is almost over! It has gone really fast. We leave on Saturday morning for home- which is gonna take about 5 days this time- no rushing the way back. Unfortunately, I think we watched all our movies on the way out here, so it may be slim pickins for entertainment on the way home :( The wedding was yesterday and it was fantastic. Wedding breakfast, then the sealing, then the reception- it was first class all the way. And could Nathan have picked a more cute, fun, adorable, kind person to marry than Linnley? I think not. She is perfect- we all love her so much already :) It is going to be sad to leave everyone here. We have seen most all of Jacob's cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers- you name it. They have all been so kind and accepted and watched Cindy and Luke as if they were their own. We are so blessed to have such a kind family. It truly has been FUN to get together and see everyone again. We have made a few stops and visited old friends- with a few more to go- and we realized just how wonderful our friends were when we lived out here oh those many years ago. I am still without the capability to download any pictures yet, but just you wait! They are going to be spectacular (as always) :)

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Mags said...

I saw some of KaRyn's pictures from facebook. Everyone looked great. I love the wedding dress. I also loved how happy everyone looked. I'm excited for Nathan. Be safe in the rest of your travels Jessica.