Friday, July 10, 2009

Anyone for seconds?

So tomorrow is the second of my three summer triathlons. I had such high hopes for this race, but sadly, I feel that turning in a time that is equal to my first would be a miracle. I have trained since the last race, to be sure. But I just have not felt this sense of dramatic improvement. Plus, I know going in exactly what the race is like and it ain't pretty. However, after reviewing the last race in my head, I have 4 goals for tomorrow that hopefully will add up to a respectable finish:

1. Start out in front at the swim and cut the buoys as close as possible by swimming way to the inside. (and try not to swallow a face full of water right off the bat- I hear that helps)
2. Cut down on my transition #1 time by running a little faster out of the water, and avoiding silly mistakes (shoes not being untied, bike facing wrong way, etc.) T1 time from the last race was 3:31, so I am hoping to shave off about 30 seconds to a minute right there.
3. RUN FASTER. What an amazing strategy!!! I am just going to have to think "long strides" and make myself get to a faster pace. 29 minutes is WAY too long- I must be in the 27s to even start to feel good about the run. I will possibly just find someone passing me and try to keep pace with them.
4. Stretch out- a lot. I didn't really get a chance on this last one to feel loose and warmed up, so that should make a big difference.

I heard this quote the other day and loved it:

See you on the flip side :)

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Chris said...

Good little quote, but "their" should be "they're."